• What are tokens?

    Tokens are used to generate AI responses. 1,000 tokens can generate around 750 words.

  • What benefits are there with this over standard AI text generation tools?

    We believe there’s simply no substitute for talking to an actual person. That’s why we’ve taken great care to manually curate all of our AI assistants with unique personalities and quirks, and have even given them names and roles. This helps make their interactions with AI more engaging and rewarding, and ultimately results in quicker and more satisfying outcomes.

    The experience of interacting with an AI assistant with a distinct persona and identity is truly amazing. If you haven’t yet tried it out for yourself, we recommend giving it a shot.

  • What do you mean by free personas?

    With a free account, you get 10 free personas, and you can use your complimentary tokens to collect an additional 10. New free personas pop up on the dashboard daily so always be on the lookout.

  • Why do you have multiple assistants in the same field?

    It’s true, sometimes you might come across multiple assistants with the same profession. But just like in real life, each assistant has their own unique personality and writing style. You might find that you prefer the way one assistant writes over another. This can be especially helpful for marketing purposes, since you can maintain consistent copy by utilizing the same assistant. And, if you need an assistant to use a different tone of voice for a particular project, they’ll always be happy to assist in any way they can.

  • What else are you doing in this space?

    Over the past few months, we’ve been working on several exciting AI projects that have kept us on our toes. From developing cutting-edge chatbots to enhancing natural language processing systems, our team has been hard at work innovating in this space. If you’re interested in following our progress and staying up-to-date with our latest advancements, we encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter of our parent company, Carefully Crafted.

  • Can I see a list of all the assistants?

    Our team meticulously curated over 200 assistants — and counting! — who can help with various tasks of all kinds.

    After creating your free account, just click on the “PersonaDex” to view all personas in the platform.

  • Do you offer a free plan?

    Yes! It’s free. Just sign up (no credit card required) and play.

  • Can I try an assistant before I buy it?

    It’s understandable that you might want to try out one of our assistants before committing to a purchase. While we are currently working on a trial feature, it’s not yet available. However, if you’d like to get a better sense of what one of our assistants can do, we’d be happy to give you an example on our community Discord channel.

  • Why do you charge for personas?

    This helps support our ongoing development efforts! We craft every persona with little details to ensure it’s unique and fun to interact with. We randomly rotate free personas in our store, so always be on the lookout for free ones!

  • Why are tokens more expensive?

    We’re all still figuring out how to best price token usage. We use the term “token” to describe the generation of AI text via an LLM (Large Language Model), we employ a distinct pricing model to cover the use of different, experimental LLMs and code. This enables us to offer more tailored support, adjust as we go while ensuring that our costs are proportionate with the services we provide.